Dead men can't walk

This is going to be it for the week. I've decided that I'll be posting these on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays only. Otherwise, I'll get overwhelmed and it'll end up like last week... Sorry for that...

Now back to the point. 

Every day you demonstrate faith. You may not realize it, but you do. Just the act of getting out of bed is a step of faith. By just doing that, you're saying with your actions that you believe that the ground beneath your feet will hold you, that your legs won't give out on you, and you'll be able to support yourself and stay balanced. And that was just the act of getting out of bed. Talking in class while the teacher is talking shows others that you don't care what they are saying, and you're more important that them. 

We have a tremendous capacity for faith. Our actions are always showing others what we believe. James understood this, that's why he said this:

For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is dead.
-James 2:26 ESV

We cannot separate the two. I cannot show faith without my works, and I cannot work without having faith. I can't stand without believing that the ground will be there. If I didn't believe anything, I'd be in a constant panic and I'd be too afraid to move.

You will always be witnessing either for or against Jesus by what you do. You may never have to say a word for others to know what you believe. I'm begging you, live in such a way that if others don't know God but know you that they may come to know God because they know you.

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